Sunday, December 11, 2011

scenes apart

dream with with the black drink of sith
nightmares like black orchids sit
still with a sleepy mouths
gaping with genital surprise
unknown and untouched
just a wet 

romance in a tea leaf strumming long fingers
across the great space veldt - stars
magnanimous and stupid
there is only nonsense
and the skull of reason
on a pole

oh my darling I've long loved and suffered
forward like a creature of symphonies
wild and covered in a skin that says
I am of old and cultured beauty
but I hear the sound of unbridled winds
the burst of the golden lung
baby I am looking to the glass
but it's already empty

saint mark and the panther
don't you know your life is hell
raise your spear and let the leaf linger
I don't want for you to cling to me
saint mark you've got nothing but sympathy
and your shield is heavy
rest now
leave that trail of fire forever

she couldn't tell me the way
she had to show me

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