Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

sex lives

I've been told that there are savage young sons
who perch themselves upon the steeps
they've never felt any love, they've never felt any peace
and any who see them find themselves in chains
find themselves tied naked to an oak tree
where all the saintliness of the crucifix is wasted in the form
of one more drop of blood on the tip of my finger
so I dream a sentence that captures you and says
squeeze me like a stone bible - resilient
read the brail that bubbles up on my skin in white welts
hot and pulsing as the late evening light shawn down
in a quiet room forgotten by the eyelids of anyone
on a casket where I raise your nipples from the dead
this is like heat, this is like sparks, this is like fire
preaching like a rainbow in studded repose
with hymns of your gemstone teeth on my neck
a sunrise conducting fellatio on the horizon
greased and the stars split into pairs and hush
rub together like flint on steel - vibrating onward
those savage young sons don't understand
what makes the beast track a thousand miles
or kill in the orgasmic dance of violence
those savage young sons don't comprehend
that your thighs are the passage to the gate
and the gate will change your life

I grabbed her arms and pushed her on the bed
I was rough and I was unkind to her
her skirt slid over her knees
her tights split along the seam where I tore
she gasped and squeezed her breast
she ran her fingers through my hair
I bit the plump flesh of her labia
I flicked her clit with my tongue
and then there was nothing left
but sounds and scents and touch
nothing but eight limbs tangled
and a cry disposed to a soft reprise

s. sparling

Your mama's forgetful face

The King of Siam

its about me

its all about me
the earth moves on the axis
of my neck rotating
with joints that function
along side muscles that tighten
and eat up all this energy
gathered by the hands of stars
molded inside the echo chamber
of my mother's jaded womb
the sun smothers me
it comes to earth to thank me
for being born in june
when its might is in full swing
and the days are longer than any other
and the days remember my name
winter comes to love me
it knows it harms but it can not stay away
it wants to hold me close against it
be tender with my body
kiss my neck in passion that it does no posses
rain falls to wash me
for it cares about my condition
plants grow for my sake
flowers blossom to celebrate
children are born to commemorate
the wind calls through the plain
it only says my name
wolves kill to fill my belly
things die in sacrifice
to uphold my destiny
which is to simply be
its about me
its all about me
and it always will be

s. sparling

Afrikaans Fotografia

Wednesday, November 10, 2010