Tuesday, December 20, 2011


if you aren't human, what are you?

with silk ropes I tied his hands and feet
and began to shuffle cards and mete them out
many cards with many names
many names to come and try

come and try

the raspberry stains and the cracked rib
kegs of men's blood rolling in the bowels of a ship
his feet curl and the floor is made inebriated
there's a carcass out here
out here and in my memory
shafts of skin
a rose white sheet

and he is on his knees and he is on the ground
his face pushed unbelievably deep into the carpet
bells ring, places change, and a sour symphony bleeds the air
and in his ears are thunder showers
and a blood rain

someone yowls like a bob cat
that's a finish
hair is devoured
time moves on
the end is

just out of sight

and in the last hours we are going strong
might make it to the line and cross it
my soul's on fire for it
I clutch my heart

but his skin breaks
it always breaks

s. sparling

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