Wednesday, October 20, 2010

sex and sexuality

I can grip the pillow beneath your head
paw at your rubbery flesh - its
malleable on my finger tips -
smother your skin in more skin
lick the sweat off your cheeks
and make my baby come
make my baby come into the room
with a call or a whisper
a secret symbol in the air
that I'll be crying out
and when she hears it
all hell will break loose
the walls are gonna melt from the heat
women in other nests over 
are gonna sweat; cross their legs
lick their aching lips
searching to acquire something
reaching out into hot coals
to smell the burn of flesh
and learn its sweetness
while it mingles
with the smell of dead leafs
in the middle of a cold October

you've got tender places everywhere
some touch or tickle and you moan
and your moan erupts on your lips
making your body wave like an enemy flag
making my tongue the devil's partition
while I've outlined your body
with the lines of a butcher
I'll start with your thighs
so pale and complacent 
soft to the touch and carrying your scent
then down to your knee caps
and up to your hips
the last thing I'll taste
is the salt on your lips
and I'm surveying your body
I'm judging your soil
I must set up my mines
because I'm searching for gold
I'm searching for diamonds
for copper and lead
and I'll melt you down
lay your jewels on my bed
and you know we'll be wealthy
and you know you can't stop me
your arms have entrapped me
I wont let you leave
but why would you

I wonder where was the night
before the sky shed its skin
and the rawness of the new dark
smelt of warmth and wet life
when the night grew swollen
and all our breath grew heavy and moist
the air so thick between us
I could feel it lining my throat
filling up my lungs until
I was so drunk and drowning
slipping from continence
submerged in a consciousness 
that swallowed everything into it
including you and your drowsy
demeanor like the wilt of a rose
from too much wine and pot
fumbling with the fringe of your dress
flicking your tongue like
a coral snake
these blood cells feel good right now
feel pleasure like a faucets' running
sublime and indefinite
full of red caresses and a figurative murder
imbibition and white patches
tan lines with twisted bra straps
no language but an anatomical lingo
shouts and sighs and the thrash
of a hand  that breaks a lamp
smashes the light away
that rose coloured light that made us
see ourselves discreetly
gone forever
without waste or freedom of thought
destruction plants a fat kiss
on the soggy nipples
of drunk sister foreplay
somewhere glass bells are chiming
on the wall where the sun is shining
and a freckle of light spills through
the heavy lid of the blind

this is a kindness mother nature provided
all of us rearing up at the sounds of thunder
exclaiming different voices for terror
all of us supine in the sunshine
eating up the heat with a cocaine head
I was no fool when I spoke to you
and told you the origin of tuesday
how I went to war to bring
the hearts and minds of animals to rest
to save worry from a gentle brow
free this side of the world
from a paternal frown
that we deserve for getting uninhibited
and you knew then the taste
of vodka on your buds
and the swirl that clandestine clouds
of smoke construct in your eyes
even more you knew my voice
and my fingers through your hair
more you knew, you felt, you saw
until prayers could not bring you back
and you were buried in the sand
and you were put to sleep
only to wake up on a blue island
surrounded by everything
alone with me
just the sunset, the sand
and sea

S. Sparling

Tuesday, October 19, 2010