Thursday, April 21, 2011

white boys and black music

"oh a memo from an old hipster man. what was that fashion, shit. I remember it was anything goes, from the ages of modern man. but it had to be crazy, it couldn't be a replica outfit, it had to be shifted. or, angleurized, some sort of hyper-realistic perspective shift, man. it had to be better and best and really sort of mad. I guess in a lot of ways that madness became very factory and everyone bought a piece of it, but uniqueness is always appreciated and that sort of self-indulgent/harmless madness is fashionable in any circle at any time. But if it wasn't crazy enough (and that is why it couldn't be an exact replica but had to be skewed), and I mean to say, if it broke convention but didn't break it enough then it was fucking lame man, or even gay as the dudes would say. fucking gay. fucking lame ass gayness. ah old hipters, OLD HIPSTERS, fucking the hipsters in general. What happened to the days of just being a cool whitey, a honkey who loved hot jazzzzz. But you know, I suppose, even then it had that pseudo connotation. A fakeness inherent in its properties. A hipster, originally, was a cool white guy who was into hot jazz. What was a black guy who was into hot jazz? Well he was just a black guy. Jazz and blues are the negro music, and so any negro owns it. It's a part of the negro culture, the black culture. A black man was supposed to love hot jazz and heavy blues, it was a part of who he was as a man, as a black man. So then a hipster, or a white guy who was into that jazz... well it wasn't his culture, but man did he sure love it. He loved it and wanted to own it as much as the black man owned it, but he could not. So then what is a white guy who is into hot jazz, man? That makes him some sort of facsimile of the real deal. A pseudo black man. So you see, hipster has been a longing and a failure to be the real deal from the very start. That isn't to say that we all wanna be black. But some of us are real, and the rest of us just try to take what they can."

- from the future

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