Wednesday, April 27, 2011


cadmium red

Oh I have a craving for gelatin health
the slimy goop of human vitality
for human is what I am
and what I am is a hungry man
when I can taste the blood I'll know
my lips will be smacking and my tongue lolling
if the breeze is right and the sun is ripe
happiness may even plunge into my bones
and expose my pours for what they are
factories of love's most powerful enzyme
think of the smell of it all
a pheromone to call my own
to entrap the nostrils of pretty young girls
and older lusty women
and women in the prime of their life
not too old and not too young
an aroma to tame them all
that is the blood of blood of bloods
of champions in escrow waiting for the match
hunters stalking dandelions on a green hill in march
can you who is so deadly realize that pleasure?
have you tasted spunk and felt a hunger
a hunger so malevolent you craved the jelly of any living thing?
can you who is so peaceful know such pain?
be your flavour boys or toys or ox or lady
children of the earth of your own clay hands
have you drunk the juice of orifices?
I want to hunt for that embryonic city
I wish to dwell in some licentious caves
wet as the night you were born and more brilliant
more full of life
where veins of ichor gild the igneous walls
I want to make the creepy foam that blankets the waves
like jelly fish and octopus and a silent asian mistress
I've got a colour for you
one so dark and true
full of breath and squirming
undulating with a heartbeat of its own
I've got a shade that will irk you
make your skin crawl and your spine long for emancipation
I know the hue that will make you drip drip drip
Ah but I'm sure you remember the spectrum of hate
and the black nails of godhead
and the blue blisters of loneliness
Ah but I know you have seen a pink pigment
where the mohawk have stalked your dreams
I know you have seen painted faces
and glinting weapons and heard cries and known thunder
Oh I am sure you've felt a deep fever
detected the chance of something more
and I have a dye for you
one that lurks between dancing boulders
that can be noticed between their smash
but you must let your head be pierced
and let Oscotarach remove your brain
a cloven skull and two eyes that are senseless
two feet that move along forever
hands that thumb and pull at flesh, any flesh
I am going, oh I am going
and you may come along
I am going where the houses are painted red
and the children stand erect as nipples
where the streets are soft and blue as veins
and there is a fountain that is shaped like a navel
I am going where the treasures are true
and the taste lasts long on the tongue
where there are four and twenty bodies
and a lesson in every one

- s. sparing

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