Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the colour crazy

el color loco

I've worn the ring of short-term memory for years
it bridals my finger in the snip snap of fragility
and for the extensive loss of human anatomy
I had to cut the finger from my fist
to regain some percentage of my mind

now they call me the shocker
cause it's two in the pink and one in the stink
for I make the sign of penetration
a key to unlock every door in the human canal
and some others still call me the marksman 
for I can yet draw bow strings that lilt
sending the sweet messenger of death
on swift salty wings

that's right, I shoot arrows of semen
poison like a rip tide that's come to take you away
and do you know the rip tide and where it takes you?
far below the ocean ceiling and out into the sea
a sanctuary of earth's precipitation 
the culmination of all tears 

you gotta paint me baby
paint me like a mastodon in the moonlight
like a shag wooly mammoth in the silvery air
cause I got types of humans after me
the kind with rough hands and shallow spines

want to turn me into the thing I fear the most

that is to say

a pile of bones in the yellowing grass

 s. sparling

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