Saturday, June 18, 2011

the uglies

fates of the fat fuckers

I am a dragon's mouth
a barf on the breeze
the winchester sneeze
doomsayer of aunt pam's birthday surprise
we were at the wedding and my little sister pipped up
she walked to the microphone and she pointed at the crowd
"I just want to say, I hope this marriage lasts forever
and that my big brother fingered me when I was 5."
all eyes turned to me
like the growing sores of death
I laughed and said
"you know, I'm not her only big brother."
then there was a dusty silence and the chime of silver
on ceramics
wolves have the power of hybrids
faces canine and torpid
if you've got a crawler in you
the kind with gills
set that crustacean free
before it claws its way to the ocean
dragging your guts behind it

s. sparling

semen demon

uncoil like the seven springs of bliss
snakes for shocks that protect you against
the bumps of passion pits

sort of like snow white teeth that nibble at your ass
not drawing blood but slowly peeling away
the ages of silt that have gathered on the shore
making you far too fertile
not for the good for the nation
but for the good of your womb
which is arrogant and full of holes

s. sparling

juicy mango

and the artist felt the rash of cold
felt his eyes growing mould
with that great big bust of a woman

shaking the mango trees all around us
the artist knew his shoes were tight
knew that the sun was too bright
and his tongue was like a cactus
prickly and painful
so when he licked his wounds
he screamed just like a baby

s. sparling

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