Monday, May 9, 2011

Golden she-wolf

and baby
if your body's made of bread
I got you covered
cause I get me mine
like you get you yours
that tuff shit is superior to regular living
I'm not a fad man, I don't care about stuff
things don't phase me like they phase others
but I do get hung up on some nails

I can go pure tiger crazy
like jumping daggers
and balls of flame
a wild cat with blood on it's maw
this thing never seems to change
not between urban wildlife
and suburban lifestyles
or from creature to creature
or belly eater
from guts to guts
you and your molten golden hairstyles
that's the colour of divinity
yeah you're a holy bitch
and I love you
real hurtin love
with big brass bells
clangin in my heart strings

this royalty of nature
is so unnatural
I don't like freaks and I never have
but today I stand in testimony
I will speak....
like a limp wrist
or a soothsayer
and it's that kind of shit that
breaks my balls
it's that kind of shit
that boils on my skin
you do that to me
make my organs sweat
you and your queen jelly
with footsteps that make no sound
and teeth as white as snow
it makes me
it makes me
yeah I get that feeling sometimes
and sometimes are these times
with you
it makes me howl
it makes me snap my jaw
these are the reverberations
of a callous throat
my throat
got nothing to do with the moon
or that current of blood on the air
it's you
it's always you

s. sparling

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