Sunday, December 19, 2010

the old world


master of hands of stars and nudists
the lady is taming a snake
she is charming a magic snake
arms - milk white - sumptuous
body like a blue electric arc
dancing with the eel
she is immune to the bone tooth
impervious to god venom
and a black lace layer of lingerie 
space black and revealing
cloys to her rolls of flesh
making a whispering curtain
between the white cloud of breast
and the yellow serpent coil
master of hands with tulips and roses
king of kaleidoscope puddles
why would you ever allow it?
have you been struck blind by arrows?
or do you see and choose not to move
or can you not move?
master of hands and nicks and scratches
the snake has struck her heart
she never bleeds but her eyes
turn blank as an april's sun
and the snake reveals its belly and dies
and the lady reveals her smile and dies
master of hands you've witnessed all
but your joints are sluggish and sleeping
what will it take to shake you
another lady?
another snake?

S. Sparling

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