Monday, September 13, 2010

a different kind of graffiti

Do you remember Katrina? Do you remember that bullshit? Now that Bush is gone it seems easy to forget a large portion of the travesties that fated administration was party to.

The graffiti you usually see smeared on city wall like shit is, in fact, pretty shitty. Its wasteful, meaningless, derogatory bullshit tattooed on the city by the ugly anonymous citizen. Normally I would never post graffiti in such a vein.

But, you know kids... after such a piece of shit event like Katrina... you have to be wondering what exactly is on the melon of the citizens of the dilapidated New Orleans.

Graffiti is the pulse of the city and when you see those markings on the wall you know your city is alive and has a voice. Of course your usual graffiti is crap, of course its cheap and ignorant and extremely pedestrian... but welcome to your city, welcome to every day life. The city of New Orleans is crying out with a bitter sense of humour and irony. Its people are hurting, they are afraid and angry.

Sometimes the city speaks the truth.

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