Saturday, April 17, 2010

heart worms

the jealous wife does set me up for deceit

she eats my goals and funds my smile

keeps me hallowed but in chains

no no more

no more

no more

no, no more

by the cunts and the caskets and the cains

by the chains and the chariots and the chiseled smiles

somebody wants you somewhere

in the their arms

in the their sight

in the grave

and if you ask me

there's nothing like the service

winchester firecracker traveling band

Stuart Sparling

you bend whistles to speak no love no love in your voice

you haven't the gift to forgive me you haven't the spirit

there's nothing to do so you take out your ribs

and you play me your song

no kind of rhythm

no kind of blues

your feet are rubber your feet our glue

whatever i say doesn't seem to stick to you

fight fight fight and you want me again

I don't know how to pretend

any more

Stuart Sparling

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