Saturday, March 20, 2010

The god that wandered cross the sea

His art’s presence in the street chalks another one up for creative expression not confined by a gallery. At the same time, his ability to exist in both realms is a feather he proudly wears in his hat. After all, Emol is a pop artist. He’s got his finger on the pulse of a nation, that for years, has reflected the diversity of one of the the most intense countries in the world. So much land, and so many perspectives facilitated by a complicated history, that over time, has produced some of the deftest conveyances of the human condition. Emol is no different. —Evan La Ruffa

"I consider my work as an embodiment from antenna to roots, capturing that which is current, but with a strong link to the past, and with ancestry." - Emol

Emol has been keeping the tradition of Brazilian street art alive and pumpin' with his hieroglyphic, colour studded creations. Check out the short interview on Juxtapoz Magazine - here

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